Focus on Insurance Sales, Not Scheduling

Great AEP reaches out to your customers and prospects & automatically schedules appointments with them. Sell Medicare products? We'll even capture an SOA.

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Drip Campaigns

Follow-up or cross-marketing to your contacts with drip campaigns that result in set appointments on your calendar


Enrollment Periods

Use our pre-built Medicare and ACA campaigns to set appointments during enrollment periods. We'll even collect an SOA for Medicare products.


Online Scheduling

Let your contacts schedule meetings with you without all of the back and forth - customers book appointments straight to your calendar.

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Your #1 Solution for Managing Open Enrollment Periods


Maximize Every Day of AEP and ACA Open Enrollment

Let Great AEP handle the heavy lifting of scheduling and confirming every meeting.

Reach all of Your Clients

Ensure every client you need to talk with is contacted while you focus on selling.

Stop Chasing SOA Forms

Great AEP automatically collects and stores Scope of Appointment Forms for Medicare appointments, helping you stay in compliance.

See More Prospects

Greater efficiency during Open Enrollment means more time to see prospects - and more prospects means more SALES!

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Start scheduling right away with pre-created emails and text messages.


Two-way free-busy synch with your calendar keeps your schedule optimized

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"Because of the Great AEP, for the first time in many years I am looking forward to AEP because this year will not be a last minute rush for me!"
Michele Trimble
KMT Insurance Consulting
"This AEP will be much more manageable with Great AEP doing the admin work!
Andrew Vasta
NJ Medicare Brokers
"Great AEP makes scheduling client meetings easier with the online calendar plus the ease of capturing the SOA for me. Can’t wait to use this product this AEP!"
Dawn Horne
Horne Insurance Agency
"The system was extremely successful but only to a point. I’m now 100% booked and don’t have any time to see other customers!"
(Yes, someone sent us this message)
"We have had an overwhelming response! How do I stop it?"
(Another message we actually recieved - guess they don't like sales)

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100 Active Contacts


  • ✓ 100 contacts active in campaigns
  • ✓ Email and SMS Invitations
  • ✓ Integrated Booking Calendar
  • ✓ SOA Form w/ E-signature
  • ✓ Pre-appointment Reminders

500 ActiveContacts


  • ✓ 500 contacts active in campaigns
  • ✓ Email and SMS Invitations
  • ✓ Integrated Booking Calendar
  • ✓ SOA Form w/ E-signature
  • ✓ Pre-appointment Reminders

1000 Contacts


  • ✓ 1000 contacts active in campaigns
  • ✓ Email and SMS Invitations
  • ✓ Integrated Booking Calendar
  • ✓ SOA Form w/ E-signature
  • ✓ Pre-appointment Reminders

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Answers to frequently asked questions.

You have a LOT to manage in a short period of time. Great AEP takes a huge load of admin work off your back so you can focus on selling. Think of it as your giant monkey virtual assistant that tracks down your customers, manages your schedule, and reminds people to show up, so you can focus on helping customers.

No more crazy phones ringing. No more clients walking in unannounced. No more last minute crunch. It's going to be awesome.
Great AEP takes care of the time consuming process of reaching out to your contacts, reminding them to connect with you, schedule their appointment, and if you sell Medicare products, complete a scope of appointment. Once an appointment is set, we remind your contacts before the appointment to make sure they show up, and help them reschedule if something comes up. Use it for enrollment periodss, drip follow-up, cross-marketing, or ad-hoc scheduling.
We currently have Medicare AEP and ACA Open Enrollment campaigns in Great AEP. Several more are in the works, and if you want something special, you can create your own.
Absolutely! If you want to use Great AEP to invite people to meet with you for any reason, you can create a custom campaign complete with invitations, an online calendar, and reminders.
Definitely (and we highly recommend it). Every campaign has an embed code you can use to put it on your website, and you also have a main scheduling embed code you can use to add all campaigns to your website.

If you are an AgentMethods customer, contact us for simple instructions on adding Great AEP to your website.
We synch up with your calendar to get near real-time free/busy information. So if you add something to your calendar, no problem! We'll remove that slot from your availability.
We provide them with a link to your personal scheduling page, where they can select from available times.
A contact is a customer added to a campaign in Great AEP. Generally, these are names, emails, and phone numbers uploaded to invite them to meet wit. A contact is also added to Great AEP if someone who isn't already in your contact list schedules an appointment with you.
Depending on how your contacts are stored, you can add them one at a time or import a list. You can easily export your contacts from your CRM system into a CSV file which you can then upload into Great AEP.
We connect with Apple, Google, Microsoft Exchange (including on-premise), Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft If you don't have one of those calendars, you can set up a Google calendar for free and connect with it.
We're not monkeying around with sensitive customer information. We follow industry standard best-practices for data security and protection. A big part of data security is not capturing or storing information that we don't need. Great AEP is used by insurance brokers to schedule meetings with customers to review plans and options. We require a minimal amount of information to do this. We do not store health information, policy details, or enrollment data. Because of the data we store and our pre-enrollment functionality, Great AEP does not fall under HIPAA and we do not sign BAAs.
I take it you aren't in Medicare insurance sales. That's okay! It's a great career. Say the word and we can point you to some wonderful people who will help you get started.